The Executive Committee and members of Canbera Islamic Centre are very touched by the expressions of concern received to date following the vandalism that occurred on Sunday 13 April 2014. They welcome the expressions of support and the offers to assist us in the clean up effort. The following is an update on what they plan to do. 

As you can imagine, with the level of damage involved, they have to firstly list all that has been damaged for insurance purposes. This is their first priority and so their insurance assessor will be working with them Tuesday 15 April to do just that. Hence they will start the real clean up task on Wednesday 16 April from 2pm on words.  

If you are able to assist with the physical clean up, please bring along with you gloves, protective foot wear as well as brooms and mops.  They have organised miniskips for the disposal of the damaged items.

The clean up will focus on the kitchen, dinning area, foyer and the main hall.  The library is a much bigger exercise, therefore they have decided to tackle this after the rest of the building, is cleaned up so that we can move the books to the main hall for restoring and sorting and this also allow us to relocate books and book shelves.  They envisage that they may start this work over the weekend but we will reconfirm arrangements by then.

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