A new counselling service at Currie Crescent Community Centre, Kingston, will provide free consultations from August to December 2016. The service will provide adult individuals with support to:

  •  Cope with life’s challenges, changes and crises
  •  Reduce stress and improve well being
  •  Develop goals for personal change

The service will be staffed by post graduate Counselling students from the University of Canberra under supervision of counselling educators

Padma Menon

Padma has a professional background in dance and yoga. Her experience includes facilitating classes to improve well being and create personal change. She has worked at senior levels in human rights advocacy and arts in Europe, Australia and India. She is also fluent in several Indian languages.

For appointments phone (or leave a message) 0447643646 (Wednesdays 9-5 pm and Thursdays between 2-5 pm) or email tpadmamenon@gmail.com

Roz Namgyal

Roz has a professional background in teaching in India, piano performance and accompaniment, and working in the Australian Public Service. She has a deep interest in social justice and migrant issues, and is experienced in working with people from very diverse backgrounds and experiences.
For appointments phone (or leave a message) : 0434083347 (Mondays and Tuesdays 9-5 pm and Thursdays between 9-1) or emailroz.namgyal@gmail.com
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