The ACT Government, in partnership with the Multicultural Advisory Council, are seeking to understand current insights and emerging themes related to inclusivity in Canberra. This will help us to develop the ACT Multicultural Framework Second Action Plan (2018-2020). Everyone is invited to participate, especially community members from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and stakeholder groups working in the multicultural services areas and government.

You can share your views by:

Your insights will assist the ACT Government  to better understand current barriers to creating a truly inclusive city and help us to identify strategies to grow our diverse and vibrant city. The ACT Government is committed to ensuring Canberra continues to grow as an inclusive and connected city where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Community Consultation Roundtables will explore ways to ensure the voices of people from diverse backgrounds are heard and their contributions acknowledged, ensuring Canberra will continue to grow as a diverse and inclusive city.

Key themes to be explored include:

  • Accessible and responsive services;
  • Citizenship, participation and cohesion; and
  • Capitalising on the benefit of cultural diversity.

The Inclusive City Survey and Roundtable Discussions are important parts of developing and understanding community views, sentiment and barriers to developing our city into the future. 


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