The Canberra Multicultural Community Association wishes to disassociate itself from any moves to ‘ban’ Christmas from schools, offices or other workplaces, CMCF Chair Sam Wong said today.

“I have just read about a Victorian kindergarten that has decided to exclude Christmas from its end-of-year party and these reports are becoming increasingly common,” Mr Wong said.

“Of course, these organisations can do what they like, but what concerns me is that the reasons often given are that we are a multicultural society and we must not risk offending or alienating people of other faiths.

“This is absolute rubbish. I have yet to meet a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew or person of any other religion that claims to be offended because the majority of Australians celebrate the Christian festival of Christmas,” Mr Wong said.

“Indeed, if there is any reaction at all, it is of interest in the various facets of Christmas, religious and secular, and a wish to participate, if only as observers.

“In Canberra I have been to celebrations of Divali, Hanukkah, Eid-Ul-Fitr and Vesah. I would hope that in one of the great multicultural cities of the world, followers of every religion would feel free to celebrate their important days openly, rather than having them swept under the carpet.

“I wish all members of the Canberra multicultural community, and indeed all Canberrans, a merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.”

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