The ACT Government’s second multicultural summit at the weekend clearly demonstrates that multiculturalism is alive and thriving in the National Capital, the chair of the Canberra Multicultural Community Forum, Sam Wong, said today.

“There were more than 400 registrations for the summit and although people came and went during the day there were always at least 200 participating in the various plenary sessions and workshops,” he said.

Mr Wong said the speakers were all informative and made strong and constructive points, while the address by the executive director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation, Dr Hass Dellal, OAM, from Melbourne, was inspiring. “Interestingly Dr Dellal said that he wished all Australian governments had ministers as committed as our Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Mr John Hargreaves, MLA,” he said.

“I am proud that CMCF played a significant role. Many of our member organisations were represented and two of our committee members, Mrs Chin Wong (Secretary) and Dr Mandy Scott (Education Advisor), had the task of reporting back to the final plenary session from their workshops on Age Care and Community Languages, respectively.”

“In addition, CMCF welcomes the announcement of Minister Hargreaves for the provision of additional funding to Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) of $50,000 each year for 4 years commencing from 1 July 2009, a total of $200,000. This funding will enable the expansion of settlement services through the MRC.”

“Finally, I believe the summit, which is charged with shaping a course for multicultural Canberra through to 2012, has achieved its purpose and the constructive recommendations that came out of it are things that the ACT Government can work on for the next four years.”

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