Administered by the ACT Community Services Directorate’s Community Participation Group, the Online Directory was created to promote social participation and connection by providing an easy to access location for information and contacts of community associations.

The Online Directory captures objective two, action 18 and objective three, actions 23 and 25 of the ACT Multicultural Strategy Framework 2015-2020.  The Online Directory also captures recommendation 9.3 of the One Canberra and asks the government  to continue to encourage formal community groups to provide their members with information about essential services and programs

To add a new community group to the Community Participation Online Directory, community leaders are invited to perform the following tasks:

1.      Visit the “Add Entry” form of the Community Participation Group Directory by clicking on this link:

2.      Fill in the relevant information in the application form and when completed hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

Once your application form is submitted, an automated email will be sent to your email address to inform you that your application to join the directory has been received by the Community Participation Group and is currently awaiting approval.

The approval process may take up to two weeks for completion. The Online Directory will go live to the public on 19 August 2016 and will show all approved community groups’ details with more to be added as they are submitted and processed.

On the 19 August 2016 please click on the following link to check if your community is included in the Online Directory:

For more help with the submission process, please contact Anna Chikali-Westcott on 6207 8708

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